We’re pleased to have Chuck Costello as an extended member of our team at The FIRMU. Chuck will be offering massage therapy onsite at our studio at 8714 Spring Cypress Road. Appointment schedule to be published soon.

Chuck has been a full time massage/sport therapist for over 10 years. He spent 4 years doing sport massage at Sananda Clinic before moving to Houston with his wife, Sharon, in 2010. After relocating, he worked together with his wife at a franchise in Houston for another 4 years before opening their own private office/practice in 2014. With experience in sports massage, deep tissue, advanced stretching, and applied kinesiology, Chuck has been successful in treating clients who are training for marathons/triathlons, clients with car wreck or work-related injuries, as well as clients with everyday aches and pains that occur from a sedentary work environment. Chuck is confident that he can help you in your journey for overall wellness.

Written by: Carol Bessette

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