Meet Deborah Noel. She is a 46 year old married mother of 3. Proudly celebrates her liberation from the sedentary prison of today’s lifestyle. She has embarked on this fitness journey to rid her future of pain and endless trips to the doctor for totally preventable diseases and wishes to take others with her. Deborah Noel is a cutting edge, competent and focused trainer with several years of experience and has a great attention to detail. Noel holds a certification in personal training with one of the top organizations in the industry (NASM). She also holds a license with the state of Texas in the area of cosmetology, in addition Noel is proficient in success coaching, image management, and motivational speaking.

She also has a high esteem and a passion for the needs and requirements of clients (especially 40 and over). Balance, stability and flexibility are among her list of critical components for a strong foundation for exercise, and it is also her platform. Noel cares and has genuine concern for her clients and works hard to find answers to assist in the process. The excitement of joining The Firm U team is infectious. Come on in, she is anxious to meet you!!!!! . Deborah is also a Strawberry Laser Lipo Clinician, Certified in a Class 3B Laser Systems.

Written by: Ray Bessette