Jenna is a 23 year old soccer player and gymnast originally from Cleveland, OH. Jenna started her fitness career in 2010 by enrolling herself in sports medicine and exercise science classes taught by instructors with over 25 years of experience. Soon after, Jenna took on the challenge in the bodybuilding world of preparing for a figure competition in 2014. She trained herself and accomplished some serious goals, going from 25% body fat (140 pounds) all the way to 13% body fat (113 pounds) in three months by diet and exercise alone.

Jenna knows nutrition is the foundation to looking and feeling great. After battling with adrenal, liver and thyroid issues, Jenna started realizing that her inflammatory diet was the cause of her sudden health problems. After educating herself in the science behind our American diet, she soon came to the realization that not all foods are created equal and most of the products advertised as “healthy” are quite the opposite. Jenna is also a Strawberry Laser Lipo Clinician, Certified in a Class 3B Laser Systems.

Written by: Ray Bessette