Tom is a 30 yr old, NASM certified fitness trainer that has lived in Houston for 20 yrs.
Exposed to weight lifting at 5 yrs old, Tom played football and wrestled up through high school. Tom was a dedicated weight lifter since the age of 18 and struggled with weight issues all his life. He decided to make a change when the guy in the mirror weighed in at 305 lbs and his size 46 pants were getting too small. Tom couldn’t let his son suffer because of his condition. Since that moment he has dedicated his life to helping others make the same change. He lost 110 lbs and wears a 33 pant size.

After seeing that he could make such a life altering change once he use his knowledge and 8+ yrs experience to give the gift of health to others. Tom now guides others to the same success.

His goal in life is to be a positive influence on everyone he meets, particularly when it comes to health and physical conditioning. Each person brings a new challenge to the table and he enjoys each new experience and success story that he’s a part of.

Tom is attending Texas A&M to become an Electrical Engineer and continues his education in the fitness industry.

Written by: Ray Bessette